Automne dans la Valée




Automne dans la Valée
oil on birch panel, 24″ x 16″

Here is an autumn view from Twin Firs Field of the barns built in the Burgoyne Valley by Louis Larson in the early 1940’s. In the fall, the fields in front of the barns remain un-mowed, and are now returning to a semi-wild state due to the highly-saturated ground, which leaves them unfit for haying. At present, there is a move afoot, spearheaded by Colin Byron, to repair the barn roofs, and continue with other much-needed renovations before time takes any further toll on this historic slice of Salt Spring’s pioneer past.

I am fascinated by all the layers of history of this place I love to paint, from geological time to the Sqw’uts’um (Cowichan) First Nation who lived here before contact, their battle for the land with the the Sencoten (Saanich) people, through the early European settlers, who claimed the land through guile and force, and the squatters who lived in the valley until, after an epic battle in 2001, it became the magnificent 2,500 acre provincial park we know today.

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