Clear-cuts and Buttercups




Clear-cuts and Buttercups
Xwaaqw’um III
oil on birch panel, 48″ x 32″

This painting was worked up in my studio from several over-sized sketches done one magical sunny summer afternoon in Fire Willow Meadow.

Sometimes I am asked if my landscapes are of France, but, though influenced by the time I spent there, they are all of Salt Spring Island. I remember coming home to the island after four years in France, and feeling dismay at the sight of all the west coast blues and greens; lovely to live with, but difficult to see how to paint, while my vision was saturated with the colours of the south of France.

Now, several years later, I have trained myself to see the Salt Spring landscape in these bright warm colours, even in winter. What was once hidden is now obvious. Such is the potential of the painters’ vision, once in tune with our job of re-creating what we see before us, rather than trying to reproduce it.

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