Coin Sauvage




Coin Sauvage
Xwaaqw’um VIII
oil on birch panel, 48″ x 32″

This wild corner (coin sauvage) of a field in the park provides me with an on-going bounty of inspiration. I spend time here towards the end of the year, working on my sketches, some of which, like this one, turn into paintings during the winter in my studio.

The ground is too wet to produce grass for hay, so as the seasons progress, the growth becomes a lush tangle of native vegetation: spirea, willow and marsh reeds. The sky spreads its lovely cool blue light over the colours of winter, which are more subdued now, but still vibrant, as the moisture keeps these water-loving plants flourishing year ’round.

There is a point in the painting process when the work takes on a life of its own, and begins to “tell me” what it needs. This painting led me into a more stylised abstraction than any I had done before. I was surprised by this, but ready for the challenge, delighted to follow, and intrigued by the results.

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