Deer Bed




Deer Bed
Xwaaqw’um VII
oil on birch panel, 36″ x 24″

Scouting for inspiration in the June meadows, and looking for a place to sit down with my sandwich, I came across this secluded spot, tucked behind a little copse of Hawthorn, where deer had recently been resting, hidden in the long grass.

This purple-red grass is a favourite subject of mine, and is expressed in various nuances in several of my paintings. Before the first hay crop is cut in June, it fills the valley fields in great swaths, offering this painter a wonderful excuse, if one is needed, to unleash the palette. If you don’t believe these colours are true to nature, go down to the Burgoyne Valley in early June, and find them for yourself.

There is a splendid view of Mt. Maxwell – Hwmetuts’um, “Bent Over Place”, in the Sqw’uts’um language – which I included in the composition to impart the sense of being outside time that I felt while working here.

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