Dernière Neige




Dernière Neige
Xwaaqw’um XV
oil on birch panel, 24″ x 48″

Looking towards Vancouver Island from the valley in April, you can see the last few patches of snow (dernière neige) on Mt. Prévost. In the distance, the cuts for the high-voltage power lines through Stoney Hill are dramatically visible from the park, and they feature as an element in several of my paintings.

As a painter who works in a semi-abstract style, I actually do see the world around me as abstracted forms. It takes many years of painting to be able to see like this, but once one begins to, “things” become “shapes”, and our job as an artist becomes that much easier. This holds true whether one works in a representational style, an abstract style, or anything in between; design, or composition, is the foundation of all art.

My usual method of working up paintings in my studio from large plein air sketches, suits me well, as it enables me to remain somewhat removed from all the visual stimuli found in nature, allowing the painting to come largely from my inner vision, while still being built upon the solid framework of direct perception.

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