November Roses




November Roses
Xwaaqw’um IX
oil on birch panel, 38″ x 24″

In November, I return to a favourite hidden corner in the park, and set up my easel in the long wet grass. There is some sun and a hint of rain in a scudding sky. Though the colours are muted, there is a fresh vibrancy in the cool air. Alone and content, I work up several large sketches, later transforming the best one into this painting in my studio.

Here the wild rose hips are in their full orange-red glory. Mt. Prévost on Vancouver Island, which features in many of my paintings, is rendered as a simple dynamic shape in the background, and in the foreground are the grasses and reeds of a wet field in winter.

As in all my work, I leave a fair amount of imprimatura (the red-orange colour I tone the panel with before beginning to paint) showing in the finished painting, in the same way a watercolourist leaves parts of the white paper untouched, as this lends a freshness and excitement to the surface which can never be re-gained with the addition of more pigment.

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