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Path to the Painting Spot
Xwaaqw’um I
oil on birch panel, 48″ x 24″

The vertical format I have used for most of the works in my Xwaaqw’um Series began with this painting, which in turn, had its genesis in a moment of inspiration the day I decided to cut a small plein air painting into three sections, and immediately found what I’d been searching for in order to avoid the “scenic” look of the traditional, horizontal, or “landscape” format. I gleefully capitalised on my discovery, building a cradled panel to the required proportions and translating one of the now very small paintings into this larger version.

From this beginning, I delved deeply into an exploration of the vertical format as a bold way to slice up the landscape, thus giving the abstraction necessary for the strong compositions which embody my painters’ mantra: “Shapes, not Things”.

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