Printemps, Sky over Mt. Prévost




Printemps, Sky over Mt. Prévost
oil on birch panel, 24″ x 16″

Working down in the valley one blustery spring afternoon, I’d already packed up to leave, and was halfway across First Cut Field, when I stopped to look west at the magnificent sky and the Hawthorn in bloom. Of course, I had to set up my easel again, and quickly dash off three of my big newsprint sketches as the clouds shifted and reformed. It was exhilarating, and the scattered rain held off almost long enough, though both my sketches and I arrived home a bit damp.

The next day, I translated a composite of my sketches into this small painting in my studio, with plans to paint the same subject later, perhaps next spring, on a larger scale (after stocking up with a large 150 ml tube of Cerulean Blue; a wonderful colour for landscapes, but the single most expensive oil pigment, and one which I use advisedly).

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