Remember, Remember




Remember, Remember
Xwaaqw’um X
oil on birch panel, 48″ x 24″

On a blustery winter day (5th November, for all you Brits), I find a wealth of inspiration while sketching in this rough wet corner of the park. The tangled hedgerow of wild roses is covered with vibrant red hips, while still retaining a smattering of its bright green summer leaves. The view is through to Vancouver Island and Mt. Prévost, under a changing sky. The day was cool, and gumboots were in order, as my easel and I sunk into the saturated ground, but there was nowhere else I’d rather have been, nor anything else I’d rather have been doing.

Following my compass as an artist, I simplify and abstract the elements of the scene, dismantling them and seeking their essence, before reconstructing them using the glorious language of paint. No matter how well-executed, a painted photograph holds no interest for me. When contemplating the worth of the written word, Margaret Atwood has asked “Is it dead, or is it alive?” This is a very succinct summery, and one that can be equally applied to the other arts. Try it.

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